Laser Therapy

Low Level Light therapy (LLLT) is the treatment of various conditions using laser to bring about a photochemical reaction at a cellular level.

The laser light penetrates into tissue where it is absorbed by cells and converted into energy that influences the course of metabolic processes.


  • Class 3b laser/LED
  • Large coverage
  • Short treatment times
  • Multi Purpose

Frequently Asked Questions...

  How does the laser work?
The laser targets individual cells that are not working correctly and re-energises them to work more effectively. This helps to reduce fibrous tissue and promote uptake into the lymphatics, meaning that the swelling becomes softer and there may be a reduction in limb volume.
  Does it work well with other treatment?
Yes, laser therapy works well in conjunction with other aspects of care, such as compression therapy and manual lymphatic drainage.
  How long does it take to work?
You may notice an immediate effect after the first treatment. More commonly, people report a gradual improvement over 1-6 weeks, with many seeing improvement by day 4 or week 2 of treatment, this improvement should continue. However, research shows that the benefits are most often felt 3 months after beginning treatment. If there is little or no improvement after three months treatment should be stopped.

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