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Company Ethos

What We Do

  • We provide high quality Haddenham branded products and services
  • Our customers are healthcare professionals and their patients
  • We supply direct to the market and in partnership with specialist distributors
  • We have companies in the UK and Australia, and we invest in partnerships to distribute Haddenham brands in Europe and Asia

Our Focus

  • Lymphoedema, Chronic Oedema and Lipoedema
  • Vascular, Wound Care and Breast Care

How We Do It

  • We have passion for the markets we serve, and are innovative and responsive
  • We form close long term partnerships with our customers and suppliers
  • We stand out by being 'problem solvers' and provide first class service
  • We continually listen, learn and improve

Our Values and Beliefs

  • We work to improve the quality of life of our customers and employees
  • Our central values are caring, sharing and learning
  • We donate ten percent of our annual retained earnings to charity and good causes

Our Objectives

  • To be leaders in our focus markets
  • To create long term value from our products and services
  • To be knowledge led and to make a positive contribution to society
  • To create fair profits to invest in a bright future